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Scoliosis Specific Exercise Programs

Scoliosis curves are different for each patient. General exercise might help strengthen and support the spine, but only a Scoliosis Specific Exercise program, such as ScoliBalanceĀ® can help improve curves and prevent progression.

What are Scoliosis Exercises?

  1. Scoliosis specific exercises programs are tailor-made for each patient’s case. The patient might have a Left Thoracic Scoliosis, or a Right Lumbar Scoliosis, or both!
  2. First the patient is assessed using x-ray, and then prescribed a specific set of exercises for their curve(s)
  3. The patient is then taught how to perform their set of scoliosis exercises. Often a mirror is used to show the patient how to do the correction.
  4. As the patient learns the exercises, they are taught more advanced versions, and start to do them on their own at home
  5. The patient then has regular checkups to ensure they are performing the exercises correctly, and that their scoliosis goals are being achieved. This might include: pain reduction, prevention of progression, or curve improvement.
  6. Often, scoliosis exercise programs are done in conjunction with bracing.

Scoliosis Specific Exercise Programs start with an assessment at a non-surgical appointment

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